Martin J. Bodo

Los Altos Hills, CA   Martin@Bodo.Net

Founded and managed three profitable businesses since 1980:

Educational Technology International
Four years of volunteer work installing communications equipment to assist the underprivileged.

Health Physics Society
Active participant in radiological health research. Designed radiation detection system for homeland security applications.

Radio Technician and Electronic Engineer
Designed and deployed communications link between FAA towers and military SINCGARs net. Designed, manufactured and deployed military communication logging systems. Designed automated data center power controls. Continued support of E911 and other emergency communications networks.

St. Simon School & Church

Donated facility upgrades and managed improvement projects

Harvard Businss School 1993-1996

Graduated under the guidance of Sam Hayes and Ben Shapiro

Santa Clara University 1983-1986
Mentored by Carl Hayn and William Duffy,

Interests and Associations
Building the IoT. Teaching science to children. Adventure travel. Warbirds. Restoration of military vehicles and aircraft. Water sports. Tinkering with electronics. Research. Muntzing.
Health Physics Society, International Association for Cryptologic Research, Experimental Aircraft Association, Military Vehicle Preservation Association, HBS Clubs, KG6VXF

Son of hard-working immigrants. Happily married parent and father of four: Joseph, Matthew, Anna and Sarah.