Digital Loggers

Check out our T-1 Digital Logger!

T-1 Channel Banks!
Connect voice and data using FXS ports.  Easily tap T-1 lines to record individual timeslots.  These modern channel banks are half the size and weight of Carrier Access or Main Street.

Simple to Install
Just snap a serial cable to your notebook and use the menu driven installation program to cross connect voice and data.  Full manuals and documentation are included on CD.

All the Ports
Two T-1 ports, one Ethernet, and 24 analog lines are provided -- everything you need for both voice and data.

Incredible Pricing - $199!
We purchased thousands of new channel banks to support our audio logger installations. With the advent of our new T1 direct logger, we're moving them out below cost!  Get wholesale pricing on these brand new channel banks.

Order Today - Risk Free
Your channel bank is in stock, ready for overnight shipment. Call (408) 330-5599 today for a 15-day risk free evaluation.