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Open Source WiFi PLC

The power of a Programmable Logic Controller, but with the simplicity of Lua/Arduino....and it's fully OPEN SOURCE!

This PLC comes loaded with:

Sold Out Again!

We are out of stock, with no ETA.  Thanks to all our customers for their support.

To learn more, check the hardware specs or view the open-source code. Better yet, call 408) 330-5599.  Need more power? Consider this Arduino Mega compatible PLC with expanded I/O, color touch screen, SD card, and more...  

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All-in-One! Fully Integrated Control - No "shields" or add-ons.

All the inputs and outputs you need are there. Just wire it up and run. Try yours now - risk free.

Invent! Affordable Open Source PLC

Fully open source. Program in Arduino, Lua, Nodemcu, or just use the demo code for WiFi remote control. Powerful, yet simple to use. Try it now. Risk free.

Universal! Ready for your applications...

Ideal for home automation, industrial control, HVAC, alarms, remote RS-232 links, machine control... Order now.

U.S.A. Quality and reliability.

US assembly and quality control. Does it matter? Our customers think so... Try yours now.

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