Digital Loggers

Data Center Reliability

Monitor. Control. Conserve.

DLI power controllers add reliability and efficiency to datacenters. Our Smart power switches now control over 2 million circuits. The patented ToughPoE product line delivers reliable power-over-Ethernet for APs, IP-Cams and outdoor devices.  Our economical 1-U smart switch is reliable and easy to install.

Get the reliability you deserve.

Building the IoT

Imagine. Build. Control.

Our Web Power Switch and IoT Relays provide cost-effective power switching for the IoT.  Our programmable controllers feature WiFi connectivity and open-source designs.


ATC Flight Tracking

Record.  Know.  Act.

Airport Managers, Airlines, and Flight Safety Services use DLI to track vital ATC communications with our new integrated flight tracking systems.


Never lose a call.  Depend on DLI.

When dispatch supervisors need reliable logging, they choose DLI.  Store years of recordings on-line.  No more fumbling with DVDs...  Make recordings for the D.A. in seconds, not hours. Learn more.


Monitor.  Supervise. Settle.

Judges and  reporters get  crystal clear coverage. Find files instantly. Monitor live settlements conferences over IP.  Learn more.


Verify. Replay. Confirm.

Financial and brokerage services use DLI to verify phone transactions. Instantly locate and replay from any location.  We have the most cost-effective solutions. Learn more.

Homeland Security

Record. Verify.  Secure.

DLI loggers monitor voice communications in secure environments.  Our military radio interfaces store communications in VoIP compatible format.  Have a look at our custom recorders, or call (408) 330-5599 to learn more now.

Call Centers

Contact.  Market.  Collect.

Call centers choose digital loggers to monitor sales and support interactions. Our USB solutions are powerful and cost-effective.   Our appliances are ready-to-run right out of the box.


Know.  Convict.  Correct.

Stop inmates before they start. Record every plan and threat. Monitor and search inmate visitor phone calls for evidence. Analyze recordings. Deter crime before it occurs. Learn more.