Digital Loggers



Energy Control and Switching

Ethernet Power Controller 7

Web Power Switch Pro

Web Controlled DIN Relay

Web Power Switch 7

DC Power Controller
90-240VAC Smart Switch
24V WISP PoE Injector

Arduino PLC

3 Phase Switches

Serial I/O Switch

-48V Midspan 10/100 PoE Injector

AC Relay
IoT Relay 2

Automatic Transfer Switch (special order)


15V WISP PoE Injector

Vertical PDU (special order)


Communications Recording

16 Channel USB Recorder

T-1 / PRI Recorder

16 Channel Recording Appliance

USB Personal Logger

Self-Contained 4-Channel Web Logger


Notification System


Sincgars / Falcon Recorder

Multi-Channel Military Recorder

24 Channel E-911 Logger (special order)

XLR Broadcast Logger
Preconfigured NG911 Systems

P25 Radio Logger

Record Tone Generator


Call Announcer

Call Forwarder


Avaya / Nortel DACs



VHF Cavity Filters

Airband Radios

T1 / PRI Surge Suppression

T-1/PRI Bridging Taps

DS3 Passive Logging Tap

RJ-21 Bridging Adapter

Cables and Tools