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Smart 15V POE Injector - Ships overnight, risk free trial!

15V Smart Midspan POE Injector with Auto-Reboot


Eliminate POE problems.  Restart WiFi APs and links automatically.  Improve customer service and satisfaction.  This. 8-port 15V POE provides unregulated 12-15V POE for "non AF" APs, IP Cams and other 12 volt devices.. 


Feature Packed, Rugged US Design and QC

The injector will automatically sense when an IP device goes down and reboot by power cycling.  Scripting, syslog, AutoPing automatic reboot, and WOL support are standard features in every injector.  Removable rack/wall mount brackets are included.   Utilities like our new email alerter are free.   Heavy duty surge-suppression, US design and QC combine to make this the most durable injector on the market.



Ideal for WISPs

Simplify installations.  Reduce cabling and clean up your installations. Eliminate the bulky UPS, separate POE injectors and power switchgear. One compact unit protects, controls and reboots your radios securely from any web browser.


Eliminate the UPS

Directly connect a 12V battery for true non-stop operation without a UPS. The injector senses both battery and AC power, switching instantly to the best power source. The built-in trickle charger will float and fully charge anything from a small gel-cell to a car battery. Solar and wind power systems are easy to connect.  With good quality cable, a 15V design can provide optimum efficiency without wasted heat that can impair long-term reliability. 


150W Power, Fast Surge Suppression

Power surges, static, and nearby lightning can damage radios.  Dual gas-tube and SIDAC protectors provide clean, safe POE to keep your POE equipment running rock-solid.  The injector combines a passive 150W power source -plus- an active current monitor that detects and corrects overloads. Get reliable operation through power surges and brown-outs,  even devices that may not negotiate reliably on other injectors and switches.


Saves Time & Money - Just $295!

Get the injector, power switch, automatic reboot and UPS all in one box for 1/3 the cost of the individual parts.  There's safety in numbers:  DLI has built over 200,000 of the world's best selling power switches and POE injectors. Try yours risk-free for 15 days. Order through Amazon, or call (408) 330-5599 now for quantity discounts, fast shipping, and international orders. 


Like to learn more?

Download a spec sheet,  read the FAQs, skim the user's guide, or try the web UI online (user=admin & pass=4321).


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