Digital Loggers

20 Port USB Fabric Switch

Connect up to 20 USB devices to a single port!  Switch rapidly between devices. Control them all from a single application.  Expand far beyond the limits of USB hubs and manual switches.

Powers All Devices Simultaneously

USB devices need power to "stay alive". This switch powers up to 20 devices simultaneously, while connecting any one device to the switch port.  To change devices, just send a simple command. Since the devices are always powered, they'll be available almost immediately.

Simple Connection, Quick Install

Attach one cable to control the switch, and a second to talk to the attached device.  Any device can be attached:  sensors, scanners, data acquisition, PC crossovers, and USB radios are just a few we've seen. 

Incredible Pricing - $195!

These switches are not only powerful, they're affordable.   Download the installation guide to learn more.

Custom Built to your Specifications

These switches are custom built to your OEM specifications, including silkscreen and customized menus.  Minimum order 100 units.  Call (408) 330-5599 today for more information.