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What is a warm boot?

Power Controller Warm Boot

A "warm boot" occurs under one of the following conditions:

  1. Power has "grayed out", ie. not completely failed. This most commonly occurs on the DIN relay or -48 power switch if a marginal input power supply voltage (below 8V for DIN and -30V for -48 switch) is applied and relays are turned on, reducing input voltage even further.  It can also occur in battery powered applications as the batteries fully discharge.

  2. The internal watchdog processor has detected an error (including low input voltage) and rebooted the main control processor.

  3. The user has performed a firmware upgrade and that upgrade has successfully completed.

Firmware versions 1.5.8 and later can trigger a script after a warm boot.

Find instructions on scripting here, firmware information here, and the latest firmware files with update instructions here.