Digital Loggers


Remote Call Forwarder!

Forward communications from any radio, phone, or microphone.  Even cell phones and police radios can be connected.

Simple to Install

Just snap a cable between a headset, phone, radio or microphone.  Attach to a phone line and the audio will be automatically forwarded.

Barge in with the Press of a Key

Stay on the line to monitor silently.  Or, just press a key to join the conversation.

Battery Backup

Features include an internal battery backup and an expansion connector to tie in radios, alarms, and custom electronics.

Incredible Value - $295!

We're building these by the hundreds for law enforcement, homeland security, military, and commercial applications.  We pass the savings on to you.

Order Today - Risk Free

Preview the installation guide. Get the accessories.  Better yet, call (408) 330-5599 today for a 15-day risk free evaluation.