Digital Loggers

Enclosed Power Relay

Safely control AC or DC power.

Safe AC Power Sensing and Control!
Safe, reliable, power sensing.
Monitors AC voltages from 90-140VAC and triggers a relay.

Switch power or just sense status.
More than a "relay in a box"...
Includes a de-bounce circuit and overcurrent breaker for safety.

Universal Use it for automation, appliance control, home theater, you name it.
Any AC or DC load up to 15 Amps.

Great for AC Failover Has both normally-open and normally-closed contact for versatility.
Switch loads on or off when power is applied.


AC Sense Relay

Control AC or DC devices safely and reliably. Includes an enclosed power relay, safety de-bounce circuit, thermal breaker and switch.

Applications include:

Have your own interesting use?  Let us know.

Great Value

Just $1695! Try it risk-free for 15 days. Order single units on Amazon, or call (408) 330-5599 option 1 for orders, quantity discounts, expedited shipping, and international orders.

Like to learn more?

Check the AC relay spec sheet, have a look at the popular Web Power Switch,....or just give us a call (408) 330-5599 :)


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