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Fail-Safe Smart Transfer Switch


Increase reliability.  Add redundancy.   Eliminate downtime.

Improve reliability with fail-safe transfer. Add redundancy to single-cord devices.  Connect any two AC power inputs (grid, UPS, generator, solar..)  When one goes down, you'll still be running.  The switch automatically selects the best power input for uninterrupted operation.  If the primary power source fails, switching to the backup occurs in under 1/100th of a second..  Applications include datacenters, remote radio sites, and UPS + grid installations. 


Highest Reliability in its Class

Our engineers analyzed products from Tripp Lite, APC, MG and others. Failure modes found in competitive products have been eliminated.  DLI test units have survived over 1 million cycles and are still running strong.  Intelligent controls have been added to keep the switch running through brown-outs.  UPS, generator, and solar input power is handled smoothly. Switching is quick and reliable.  These switches offer made-in-USA quality at a very competitive price.


Remote Monitoring and Alarms

 Four L-15 output circuits are provided. .Front panel status and alarms are transmitted via RS232 to your DLI power switch or server.


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