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Alert Beeper

Updated 03/29/2016.



These DLI products contain an audio beeper:




When the beeper activates automatically, the reason is displayed on the LCD, ie:




The beeper is a 2730Hz piezoelectric transducer rated 73dBa at 12".




The beeper can be controlled using this scripting command:


BEEP (T) Activate Beeper

Activates audio alarm in units so equipped, such as the Web Power Switch  7 Use BEEP ON to start a continuous alarm, BEEP OFF to stop the alarm.   The beeper can also be activated for 1-254 seconds with BEEP, ie. BEEP 120 will start the beeper for 120 seconds.  BEEP 0 is equivalent to BEEP OFF.  Beep 255 is equivalent to BEEP ON.

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