Digital Loggers

WARNING -- this product CAUGHT FIRE! Please read.

This is one hot product!

  It happened quickly, A thud coming from the server room drew my attention to it. The fire alarms going off on all three floors. The server rack was obscured from view by the flaming curtains that used to cover the 10-foot wide windows. No flames were visible inside the 20 by 30 foot room that was now covered in black smoke so thick you could not see your hand in front of your face.  "Is anyone in here?" I yelled as I entered the room with my trusty fire extinguisher. I had only seconds before I must  take a breath and I could only see the flames coming out of the top of a 20 Terabyte data storage server by leaning down to a level of about 4 feet in order to get out of the thick sooty blackness. Blasting the flames of everything on fire, the extinguisher made short work of that. There are about 14 servers in the rack, Some running, some not. If I had to turn them all off one-by-one I would surely have lost them all. By feel, I reached up through the blackness and after a try or two I managed to pound on the panic switch. All of the servers shut down immediately. After the fire department left, the only sign of life from the server rack was the faint blue glow of the LCD panel from the Digital Loggers switches. Melted, and way too hot to touch they were still working.  After the soot was cleared and the servers cleaned and returned to service, I re-powered the DLI Ethernet Power Controllers and even though there are no more buttons on the front to press, the internal programming sequence-started all of the servers.  Wow!  The only server that was lost was the one that caught fire.  If it had not been for the panic switch, everything would have been lost. The DLI Switches withstood <500 degrees for 25 minutes.  Most of the power cords to the computers melted. Most of the Ethernet cables plugged into the switches and the DLI Products melted. Only your power cords did not melt.

    Thank you for building a quality product. The building sustained more than $100K in damage.  The rebuilding is just beginning.  I have an old original DLI PC-8000 Power controller that is powering the servers until I can get replacements from you.  If it had not been for the panic switch on the front of the highest quality Ethernet power switch in the world, the damage would have been at least double.  Thank you.

Leroy Weber
Weber Custom Computers & Software
Waco, Texas




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