Digital Loggers

Command Line / Perl API Examples

Updated 2016 version!
This Windows command line code and Perl example has been tested on:

Web Power Switch II-VII
Ethernet Power Controller II
Ethernet Power Controller III
Ethernet Power Controller 5/6/7
DC Switches and DIN Relays

WiFi capable units require "Allow legacy plaintext login methods"


Usage of the compiled version is:

UU <Host>[:port] <login:password> <[n]{on|off|pulse|status|power|name}|runNNN|interact>


UU admin:1234 5on  

<logs in as admin/1234 then turns outlet 5 on>

UU admin:1234 status

<logs in as admin/1234 then requests status>

UU admin:4321 5off 6off 7on name status

<logs in as admin/4321 then turns outlets 5 and 6 off and outlet 7 on, then shows the outlet names and the status>


Download the command line tool and Perl source here.

Updated executable for firmware 1.7.x+ on the WiFi capable power controllers.
This version works on both new and the older non wi-fi capable units, but is a little slower.