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Ethernet Power Controller 6-7
DB-9 Pinout



The DB-9 port is used for I/O expansion and customization.  RS-232 I/O, open collector (OC) output, and ADCs are now supported in firmware.

PIN 1: Analog input #1 to management uP
PIN 2: RS-232 Receive Data (to EPCR6)
PIN 3: RS-232 Transmit Data (from EPCR6)
PIN 4: Digital 1 Open Collector output, 100mA limit in Version 6, 400mA in version 7+
PIN 5: Ground (Shield is also grounded)
PIN 6: Analog input #5 to ADC3 EPCR6 input 0-10V (shared pin with 100mA digital open collector output D26)
PIN 7: Analog input #4 to ADC4 EPCR6 input 0-10V
PIN 8: Analog input #3 to ADC5 EPCR6 input 0-10V
PIN 9: Analog input #2 to ADC6 EPCR6 input 0-10V

Note, inputs are protected by series resistors and zeners, avoid application of large transients.

In version 7, the OC drive current has been increased from 100mA to 400mA to drive eg. contactor coils.

Be sure to add a snubber diode to prevent back EMF damage if you are driving an inductive load from pin 6. The best location is right on the coil.

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