Digital Loggers

Recording and Emergency Notification in One Unit!

Get the system that works "double duty" for your department.  Record your important calls. When you need immediate response, get your message out quickly with the click of a mouse.

Quick Dialing on up to 10 Analog Lines

The system will call out simultaneously on all available lines.  Contact hundreds or thousands of people with a custom or pre-recorded message.  Simply select a file list list of phone numbers and click on an message.  Every number will be dialed in sequence on all unused lines.

Search, Play, Email, Copy

Play from any PC. Find calls instantly. Just click on the time and date.  Copy, email, encrypt, and transfer calls on any computer. No software is required.

Incredible Pricing - From $7,995 installed!

DLI is now installing these systems complete with file servers training, onsite setup and training.   Learn more by previewing the manual.  If you don't need notification, have a look at our network based logger.  For preconfigured loggers with more than 24 channels, learn about preconfigured Fibre channel logging systems.

Order Today - Risk Free

Your Emergency Notification Logger is in stock, ready for overnight shipment. Call (408) 330-5599 today for a risk free trial!