Digital Loggers

Cost Effective 16-Channel Recorder!

Record from any radio, phone, or microphone. Get 16 channels in full digital quality. Priced right.

Simple to Install

Just snap a USB cable to your Windows PC, load the software and you're recording! Record from phones, handsets, analog extensions, speakerphones or microphones.

Scan Calls Instantly

Scan thousands of recordings in seconds. Search by Caller-ID, number dialed, time and date, notes, etc. Copy, email, save or encrypt recordings with just a mouse click. All the software you need is included.

Live Remote Monitoring

Tunnel in via LAN or WAN to listen in live on any conversation.

Incredible Value $795!

Simply the best price for commercial applications.


DLI stocks over 10,000 recorders, with accessories, all ready for overnight shipment. No server handy? We also build a complete turnkey recording appliance including a server and solid-state disk. Like to learn more?  Check the specifications or preview the installation guide.  Better yet, get yours now.  Call (408) 330-5599 today for a 15-day risk free evaluation!