Digital Loggers


8-Channel XLR Broadcast Logger!


Simple, Cost Effective  $595!

Just snap this logger between your station audio feeds and PC. Record calls automatically on your network. Thousands of hours can be stored on hard disk.

Review Playlists, Verify Advertising

Recordings include digital watermarks and perfect time sync.  Keep accurate as-run logs of commercials.  Review talk shows and playlists. Monitor transmissions live over the network.  Keep records of callers and monitor your DJs to ensure compliance with FCC regulations.  Record 24x7 and relax.

XLR Input, Adjustable Gain

Just turn the knob and you're recording from phone lines, headsets, line-level sources, or microphones. All with perfect clarity up to +25dBm using the XLR connectors you already have.

High Performance

These USB loggers offer audio quality superior to loggers costing thousands more.  Preview the manual. Better yet, call (408) 330-5599 now and try yours risk free. For larger preconfigured recorders with 24-300 channels, learn about disk array loggers.