Digital Loggers

T1 Surge Protection

Install on all outdoor spans. 10V T1 / PRI Surge Suppression TVS surge suppression. Clamps at 10V
Protect your gear. RJ-45 and terminal screw connections.
Cheap insurance. Do it right.
Snap-in install.
Standard RJ-45 hookup, or use screw terminals.
Highly recommended when installing T1/PRI loggers

Protect your equipment

If you're logging inside a CSU/DSU, you can probably get away without a surge protector. If you're logging the span coming in from the telco, or any outdoor building-to-building span, then surge protection is a must.

Simple to Install

Connect the surge supressor between your PBX, logger, and the telco. There's an RJ-45 connector on the side. Just snap the cable in. A short cable and ground pigtail are included.

Cheap Insurance...$89

We don't price these for profit, we carry them to help our customers. Call (408) 330-5599 to order, or check out here with Amazon.