Digital Loggers

Cost Effective 8-Channel Logger!

Record communications from any radio, phone, or microphone.  Get eight channels of digital quality at the lowest cost in the industry! 

Simple to Install

Just snap a USB cable to your Windows PC, load the software and you're recording!

Scan Calls Instantly

Scan through thousands of recordings in seconds. Search by Caller-ID, number dialed, time and date, notes, etc. Copy, email, save or encrypt recordings with just a mouse click.  All the software you need is included.

Live Remote Monitoring

Tunnel in via LAN or WAN to listen in live on any conversation.

Incredible Value - $695!

Simply the best price for a commercial quality logger..

Order Today - Risk Free

DLI stocks over 20,000 recorders, with accessories, all ready for overnight shipment. Learn more: Download specs or preview the installation guide. Call (408) 330-5599 today for a 15-day risk free evaluation! 16-channel and 24-channel models are also available.