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Building something custom using a DIN relay or PLC?  These components may help.


24V DC Power Supply

This supply is selected for reliability. It's conservatively rated at 1.5A / 24VDC.  The trim control reaches 28V for battery charging.  Since the DIN Relay and PLC draw less than 0.2A, you have 30 watts for accessory relays and contactors.  90-240VAC mains input.  Snaps on DIN rail. $25.


JQX-38 40Amp Relay

Need to handle more current?  This popular "ice cube" power relay has three sets of double-pole contacts, ie. 3PDT.   ie. A single coil controls three 40A circuits simultaneously.  The  24V coil draws 37mA. <1W  Contacts are rated to 240VAC. A screw-terminal socket is included.  Snaps on DIN rail.

Temperature Sensor/ Humidity Sensor

(DIN4 / EPCR6-7 Only)

Using a DHT11 sensor on a  DIN4 or EPCR6/7  is as easy as pluggin the temperature sensor into the RJ12 sensor port.
$14 each.

P/N: DHT11

Temperature Sensor

(DIN4 / EPCR6 Only)

Using a DS18B20 sensor on a  DIN4 or EPCR6/7  is as easy as pluggin the temperature sensor into the RJ12 sensor port.
$7 each.

P/N: DS18B20

Temperature Sensor


Using a Dallas or DHT TTL sensor on a  PLC  can require removal of the ADC input divider. That reduces  input protection. Modifying Arduino drivers to use protected I/O is a hassle. RS-232 and 0-10V sensors are expensive.  Here's an economical alternative used by several customers:  A thermistor probe. These are  built for automotive applications, so they're rugged. Room temperature resistance is 15K. Add a pullup to connect directly to an analog input.  They come with a 10" wire pigtail. Sold in bags of 10 for $19.


Steel Din Rail

1 foot length. Plated.  $7 Call 408-330-5599 if you need a custom length.

Rack Mount DIN Chassis

3-U Lightweight Aluminum frame for 19" racks.  Mounting ears slide in and out to adjust.  DIN rail can face front or rear  $59.





0-5A DC -> 0-10V DC Non-contact Current Sensor

Quality import.  24V power input.  Measures +/-5A accurately Uses a magnetic modulator for better accuracy/less drift than a hall sensor. +24 power in, +/-10VDC output. P/N CR5211-5  Specs here.  $35


2000 - 7500A Rogowski Coils

Nicely built 1% commercial Rogowski transducers with preamps. US built by LEM DynAmp.  Silicone covered loops, about 8" diameter.  These open then snap shut with 1 or 2 loops around the power conductor.  Choose RR 7500 (two loop, specs here) or for three phase, the RR-5000 (three loop, specs here).  New, surplus to our needs. Original cost over $900!  Limited quantity available at $219




We have a few 50A to 500A contactors in stock.  Best to email with your needs.



CT Bias Card

Bias card centers the AC output of common CTs to 5.0v.  TVS diodes add protection.  Add the appropriate burden resistor for your design if any.  Four identical channels, 1/8" input jacks.  Includes clips for DIN rail mounting. US built.  Schematic here. $25

Learn More

About the DIN Relay here.   Or about the JQX-38 here.  Are there other components you'd suggest we carry? 

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