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Building something custom using a DIN relay or PLC?  These components may help:

24V DC Power Supply

This supply is selected for reliability. It's conservatively rated at 1.5A / 24VDC.  The trim control reaches 28V for battery charging.  Since the DIN Relay and PLC draw less than 0.2A, you have 30 watts for accessory relays and contactors.  90-240VAC mains input.  Snaps on DIN rail. $25.

JQX-38 40Amp Relay

Need to handle more current?  This popular power relay has three sets of double-pole contacts, ie. 3PDT.   Attaching it to a single circuit lets you control three 40A circuits simultaneously.  The  24V coil draws 37mA. <1W  Contacts are rated to 240VAC. A screw-terminal socket is included.  Snaps on DIN rail.

Temperature Sensor

Using a Dallas or DHT TTL sensor on a  PLC  can require removal of the ADC input divider. That reduces  input protection. Modifying Arduino drivers to use protected I/O is a hassle. RS-232 sensors are expensive.  Here's an alternative used by several customers:  A thermistor probe. These are  built for automotive applications, so they're rugged. Room temperature resistance is 15K. Add a pullup to connect directly to an analog input.  They come with a 10" wire pigtail. Sold in bags of 10 for $19.

Steel Din Rail

1 foot length. Plated.  $7 Call 408-330-5599 if you need a custom length.

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About the DIN Relay here.   Or about the JQX-38 here.  Are there other components you'd suggest we carry? 

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