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Using the Echo to control a power switch.

Using Alexa to Control Power



Compatible Devices

This applies to DLI WiFi capable products like the Ethernet Power Controller 5/6/7the Pro Switch. and the DIN Relay.
Echo, Dot and Tap are supported via Belkin emulation.  Firmware or higher is required.





First, be sure that your Echo is fully set up and has access to your network.

Log in to your power controller to set outlet/device names and enable UPnP.

Select the External APIs link from the power controller menu. Press Submit.

Under UPnP outlet binding configuration, check to enable the outlets that Echo to will control.
Set "Profile" for each outlet to belkin_wemo. Press Submit.


Finally, tell Echo to “discover devices”.  If the total count is short, repeat the discovery step.

That's all there is to it!

Test your new app, "Alexa, turn on the Car Charger!"


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