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Ethernet Power Controller 5 - Datacenter PDU

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment.  Reboot routers, servers, and network gear via the web!  Create custom web control pages and LCD screens.  Do it securely with multi-user authentication.

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Powerful AutoPing Reboot

Eliminate 3:00 AM service calls! The controller automatically "pings" your router or servers.  Enable AutoPing  to automatically reboot when a fault is detected.

Remote Power Monitoring, Metering and Alarms

Check up on power quality.   Monitor voltage, current, and energy usage remotely using four built-in web meters.  Eliminate brown-outs, black-outs, blown breakers and power problems. Bill co-location customers for power.

New Features

At DLI, we listen to customers.  We've added WiFi, quadrupled the size of the LCD, added instant E-Stop shutdown, cut power consumption in half, added rechargeable battery backup, an internal programming language, HTTPS and SSH  Features like scriptingsyslog, power billing and email alerts are included free.  There's a Rest API, and Amazon Echo compatibility  It's still simple to use.


Learn More

Preview the user's guide.  Check the spec sheet.  Read the FAQs or try one live! (user=admin & pass=4321).  Whoops, this one caught on fire.

Quantity Discounts - Risk Free Trial

200,000 are in use today!  Order online now for a 15 day risk-free trial!


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