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Python Scripts


Special thanks to our valued customer Dwight Hubbard for these handy Python scripts and examples.  They've been tested on all DLI power controllers.


Mr. Hubbard has re-written the demo to eliminate cURL. The newest version is on the python pypi repository (
The source is on github (

Thanks again, Dwight.



For those interested only in the WiFi capable power controllers, Hammock is quite
sufficient to obtain a convenient REST API interface.
Sample code:

from hammock import Hammock
from requests.auth import HTTPDigestAuth
import time

auth = HTTPDigestAuth('admin', '1234')
pcr=Hammock("",append_slash=True,auth=auth,headers={'X-CSRF': 'x'})

print (pcr.auth.users.GET().json())
# [{u'outlet_access': [True, True, True, True, True, True, True, True], u'password': {u'$ref': u'0/password/'}, u'is_allowed': True, u'is_admin': True, u'name': u'admin'}]
print (pcr.auth.users(0).outlet_access.GET().json())
# [True, True, True, True, True, True, True, True]
pcr.relay.outlets(0).state.PUT(json=True) # Relay 0 switches on

# Relay 1 starts switching on
for i in range(1,8):
    outlets(i).state.PUT(json=True)  # outlets 1-7 switch on

for i in range(8):
    outlets(i).state.PUT(json=False)  # all outlets switch off
print (pcr.auth.users("is_admin=true").name.GET().json())
# admin