Digital Loggers

Only the WiFi capable, Atheros-based power controllers support the REST API.

Download the RestAPI reference here.

These examples are using cURL. * Some curl versions may not authenticate properly.
This version of curl is tested and works well in Windows.

To use the REST API, enable the "Allow REST-style API" on the External APIs page of the power controller

REST API Power Switch Control Examples

**Only the admin user can run scripts.
Non-admin users must be granted access in the External APIs settings, but then can only toggle outlets.

Look at the API - level 1
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Range: dli-depth=1" -H "Accept: application/json" --digest ""

Outlet/relay control examples. Relays are zero based (0-7).

Switch relay 3 on. (true=on false=off)
curl --digest -u admin:1234 -X PUT -H "X-CSRF: x" --data "value=true" ""

Turn all relays on.
curl --digest -u admin:1234 -X PUT -H "X-CSRF: x" --data "value=true" ";/state/"

Turn relays 1 and 5 on.
curl -u admin:1234 -X PUT -H "X-CSRF: x" --data "value=true" --digest ",4/state/"

Get the status of relay/outlet 3
curl -k -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json" --digest

Get the status of all relays

curl -k -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json" --digest ";/state/"

Running scripts

Run a script (flash_a_light)
curl -u admin:1234 --digest -H "X-CSRF: x" -H "Accept: application/json"  --data "[{\"user_function\":\"flash_a_light\"}]"

Run a script passing arguments (cycle_an_outlet(outlet number, interval)) and HTTPS
curl -k -u admin:4321 -H "X-CSRF: x" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --digest --data-binary "[{\"user_function\":\"cycle_an_outlet\",\"source\":\"cycle_an_outlet(5,10)\"}]" ""

Show the running threads (scripts)
curl -u admin:1234 -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" --digest

Stop a running thread (by Thread ID)
-u admin:1234 --digest -H "X-CSRF: x" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "[\"20\"]"

Stop all running threads (scripts)
curl -u admin:1234 --digest -H "X-CSRF: x" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "[\"all\"]"

Getting info from meters (when equipped). Buses and sensors are zero indexed.

Get the EPCR Bus 2 Voltage (zero indexed)
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

Get the EPCR Bus 1 (zero indexed) Current. This will be a small number if zero (e.g. 1.4e-45), so you'll need to round it.
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

Get the EPCR Bus 1 Total Energy Useage in Joules. (1 kWh = Joules * 0.00000027778)
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

EPCR internal temperature (degrees kelvin)   Celsius=kelvin - 273.16   Farenheight=9 / 5 * (kelvin - 273.16) + 32
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

EPCR/DIN4 sensor temperature (degrees kelvin)
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

EPCR/DIN4 sensor humidity
curl -u admin:1234 -H "Accept:application/json"

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