Digital Loggers

24 to 300 Channels

Complete End-to-End Radio Recording

DLI Radio loggers include everything from the antenna to your desktop.  Computer controlled radios track, log and organize communications recordings for instant retrieval.  Tunnel in and listen live.  Produce evidence quickly and efficiently.
DLI makes it easy.

Consolidate Millions of Calls. Scan for Information.

Radio calls, phone calls, and microphone recordings funnel into a single database.  Advanced retrieval techniques correlate calls and put the important ones at your fingertips.   Radios are retuned automatically.  Audio quality is crystal clear.  Recordings contain digital watermarks for security and traceability.

Terabytes of Disk Array Storage

Never delete a radio call again.  DLI arrays start at 20TB and grow to hundreds of drives.  Get  instant access to recordings.

Record. Know. Act.

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