Digital Loggers


Compatible Devices


SNMP is implemented in  WiFi enabled controllers like the Ethernet Power Controller, the DIN Relay IV, the high power DC Power Switch, and the Web Power Switch Pro.   These products also contain a Lua scripting language. Note that these products may also be fully controlled and monitored using the recommended REST-ful API described here.


 Instead of designing our own proprietary MIBs, we implement a recent standard, the energy object MIB. Learn more about it here. as described by the RFC here. The MIB text is located at the end of the RFC.


Download the MIB


Find the latest MIB here.  You might need to use the importer tool from your management suite.



Please consult e.g. (credentials: admin/4321) or the similar page in your controller for details.  This documentation is context sensitive and remains in sync with your firmware release.  

NB: bus objects with power metering exist in Ethernet Power Controller 5 & 6 only, as those products include AC voltmeters and ammeters.


Using SNMP to Manipulate Relays

To set relays via SNMP, be sure to manipulate eoPowerAdminState values, not eoPowerOperState, and be sure permissions are OK.


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