Digital Loggers

Open Source WiFi PLC

Product is discontinued

Home automation.  Industrial control.  Robotics.  SCADA.  You name it.


Get Arduino simplicity with US reliability. No shields. No mess.  No sweat. Fully open source.

Have Arduino experience?  Build your next project on a rugged platform:

Peek inside at the hardware.  Check the quickstart.  Read the specs.

Easy to program. Rugged and reliable. Now in volume production.
Quantity discounts aavailable.
Ships now. Be up and running tomorrow.
Program it to do exactly what you need. Simple Arduino compatible USB programming
Do it with no shields and no mess. All the I/O you'll need. And it's all protected.
Reliable. US design and quality.
Now used to improve HVAC efficiency. What can it do for you?
Cost effective. Priced right.
New! Pre-wired IoT Power Relay Connects directly to any PLC or micro.
Need web control without programming? Remotely control, reboot, or sequence power. Simple web interface.
Eight circuits. AutoPing. Programmable. Dependable.





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