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Ethernet Power Controller Firmware Update



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After starting an upgrade process (pressing "Update" on the firmware update form, or "OK" on the maintenance file upload form), don't interrupt it for any reason. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes for the update to complete.

If you have enabled firmware and/or maintenance protection (in the firmware upload or support pages, respectively), you will need to disable it to perform the upgrade.

The current release version is / 

Download the EPCR update file and unzip it to a folder.

Download the PRO update file
and unzip it to a folder.

Revision history may be found here

Application Firmware Update / x.x.x.x
WARNING! The outlets will return to the "configured state" during this update. Any outlets having the state changed via a script will be affected. Prepare ahead of time and disconnect any equipment that should not be power cycled at this time.
1. Extract the sysupgrade file from the downloaded zip file.
2. Look for a "Firmware Upload" item in the main menu. If the link is not visible, you need to reset firmware protection to perform the upgrade, and select it after the reset. If the link is visible, select it.
3 . In the "Firmware Upload" page, press the Browse button and select the xxxx_firmware_1.3.31.0.sysupgrade file.
4 . Press the Upload button.
5 . You will be redirected to the firmware update page, which should report the current and target application firmware versions and say "Firmware check OK".
6. Press the "Update" button. Updating takes about two minutes.
7 . The page will try to reload and likely fail. Wait for about 30 more seconds, then try again.

8. After completion, you are back at the Login page. Login and you should see Version / x.x.x.x below the menu links on the left.

Hardware (AVR) Firmware Update x.x.x.x /
***  EPCR5 Users - update only if running below   PRO Users - update only if running below
Email for the update file.

WARNING! The outlets will likely cycle during this update. Prepare ahead of time and disconnect any equipment that should not be power cycled at this time.
1. Extract the avr file from the zip file received.
2. From the Main Menu, select the Support link.
3. Go to the Maintenance section of the page. If it says "Maintenance mode has been protected", use the Reset button to clear protection bits.
4. Press the "Browse..." button, select the xxxx_1.3.30.0.avr maintenance file and **press the "Start Maintenance" button.
5. If the "Confirm operations from keypad" is checked, press ON to confirm update, OFF to cancel within 10 seconds. If you don't confirm within ~10 seconds, the operation will be cancelled.
6. The unit will begin updating. After about a minute, you will hear a beep. The unit will be available about 60 seconds after the beep. Note: If the web page changes to "The connection is reset" or Webpage not available", wait about a minute, then try again.
7. Login to the unit and verify operation.

You should see AVR Updated 

Also, Version x.x.x.x / should be seen below the menu links on the left. *Sometimes power-cycling is required to see the hardware (AVR) version change.

Restart any needed scripts and autopings after the update.

Important: The browser cache must be flushed for some updates to be properly seen.

*To reset protection bits, press the reset button underneath the RJ-45. When the scrolling stops, you will arrive at the reset menu. You can use the Up/Down arrows to select the kind of reset. The default is "Clear Lock Bits: Clear protection bits only", which is what you want. Press the cycle button, or press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds, to perform reset. When the device has completed rebooting, all protection bits, including firmware and maintenance protection, will be cleared.

**Uncheck the "Confirm operations from keypad" box if you do not wish to confirm the operation via the keypad.

It is a good idea to protect the device from firmware updates if it is going to have any public or untrusted access. Both the firmware and maintenance sections are protected via the buttons in their respective web pages.

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